Friday, July 29, 2011


To be still when faced before the All-Consuming Fire.

To still worship despite heart break.

To still offer thanksgiving when there seemingly is none.

To willingly walk through the fire because you know He is with you.

Still. Still it hurts. Still the tears seep out the corner of the eyes, sobs beg to erupt, but can't because one must still live, still meet the needs of the little ones who call me mama.

Still I know He cares. I know that if I still say that God is in control then i must still trust him because He who trusts in Him is like Mt. Zion which cannot be shaken. Still. To be still and let the waves of anguish roll over and over and over, to let the emotions roil and boil and be still and let it come. My God is an all consuming fire and I want the fire and I want the refining, but oh, to be still and let Him work......

Still......Still........ Still............. Be still. Find the beauty in the fire. Worship the one who loves me still. He carries me through to the other side. Still I love Him. Still I wait. Still.