Friday, August 19, 2011

New--Five Minute Fridays

New pencils. New books scattered around and throughout the house. New schedules. New wake times--yikes!

A new seventh grader, fourth grader, first grader, and one along for the ride. A new years lies open before me. A new purpose of teaching and training these gifts from the Lord above.

Beyond the surface newness of books and schedules is the new path the Lord is leading us down. It is listening for His voice in my ear saying, 'this is the way, walk in it.'

It is the newness of the dawn as we set out on a journey of living and loving and learning together with Him.

New years always bring joy and trepidation, but mostly they bring a chance to grow in new faith and trust in the One who holds my every moment within His hands. this may be our eighth year of schooling at home and sometime I think I have it all under control, but each year brings me a newer knowledge that our times and days are truly in His hands and I long to hear the Voice that matters most.

I love the start of new school years, not for the books, although, they are great, but for the new opportunities to walk in His ways.