Monday, August 15, 2011

When Thanks is Hard

'He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.' Psalm 50:23

A sacrifice requires something of me. It costs something. At times I enjoy giving the sacrifice, but when my will crosses with the Lord's will, then it becomes something different entirely. It becomes hard. It becomes painful. It becomes costly.

My spiritual father, my pastor for the last 16 years is heeding the call of God to move his ministry, and I am grieving, not because I don't want God's will, but because my will is crossing His. The Lord has given me deep peace and a vision for the future, but that does not dispel the sorrow.

I want to see the Lord in all I do and in all that happens. I want to see Him in my marriage, my mothering, my teaching, and my church. What is the one thing that prepares the way so that I may see Him?It is in sacrificing thank offerings.

How does one go about this sacrifice? How do we offer up thanksgiving when the heart already feels sacrificed?

By simply thanking Him for the simple things of this life:

*love a husband
*sound spiritual teaching
*the moon glowing through a haze of clouds
*a new school year
*open doors
*closed doors
*absolute Truth

May your Monday be filled with the offerings of thanks for the simple things He gives. May you turn it into worship as you love and teach your children. May the sacrifice be a pleasing pain, knowing that you are honoring the one who gives all things. May you see Him as your thanksgiving prepares the way.