Monday, November 14, 2011

Psalm 59:9 'Oh my strength I watch for you. Oh God, you are my fortress, my loving God'.

It is so fun to watch my kids watching for company to arrive. They dance from window to window exchanging reports of 'do you see them?' 'nope.' 'do you?'. And on it goes until the long awaited car pulls into the driveway. Then the cries of 'they're here' ring throughout the house. What a lesson I could learn from them! The attentiveness. The awareness. The anticipation.

I am waiting for Someone as well. He is my strength, but I forget to watch for him. I start out with great intentions, but the day just slips by and I realize I forgot to watch for Him. I know He was with me, but did I see Him? Did I take the moments to really see Him? No.

I get caught up in the math facts, the phonics, the history, the lunch making, the discipling, the training, the squabbles of 4 little people playing my string tighter and tighter until....snap!, I break. I lose the anticipation of looking for Him in the mundane of my life. The revolving laundry. The dust bunnies that multiply over night. The empty cookie jars that cry out to be filled every other day. Mundane. If I am not careful, I just look down, to the next thing I need to do and forget to look up and out and around to catch a glimpse of Him.

This is why Ann's message is so timely for today. Life trucks by at alarming speeds and we will miss seeing Him if we do not take the time to watch for Him. To look up and see that corn husk flittering across the road. The red-tailed hawk soaring above his prey. The silky milk-weed seeds floating in mid-air. The rust color of the wild asparagus as the setting sun lights it on fire. The sleepy morning tussle of hair on the little one. The received grace instead of Mama's explosion. The fulness of life in the insistent and constant 'mama, this; mama, that' from four voices at once. But if I can filter through all of life to the watching for Him, I am blessed and I find refuge.

Oh my Strength, I watch for you. You are my refuge, my loving God. and you will find your Strength.

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