Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pupose Filled Life

Purpose is a good thing. Without a purpose, I cannot make goals, and without goals I cannot make priorities, and without priorities I cannot make plans. But what happens when the purpose gets muddied? When it isn't as clear as it once was? Or life is a whole lot harder to live than I thought it was going to be. What then?

It is so easy for my purpose to get lost along the way of living life. Marriage is a lot harder in reality than in thought. Raising children is enough to cause gray hair or hair loss, depending on how frustrated I am! Living this life well requires me to have a defined purpose.

I have realized that my desire is to be the best wife I can be to 'deere' hubs, and the best mom and teacher to my four little 'deeres' and to serve God in my church and community. However, underlying these ideals needs to be a purpose that can carry me through the tough days.

My purpose is two words: Follow Christ. Sink into that thought. When my only purpose is to Follow Christ, it takes everything else I need to do--being a wife, mom, teacher, church member, community member and brings clarity and perspective and gives me motivation on those days when I want to run away because life is so hard.

Knowing that my purpose is to follow Christ, I will then listen for His direction in my marriage, mothering, teaching, and serving. By focusing on Christ, and what He desires, I release myself from a lot of pressure to keep up with my roles. Because my purpose is to Follow Christ.

To Ponder:

1. Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the different roles you play?

2. How does having a purpose help you stay focused and motivated?


How would having only one purpose: To Follow Christ; change how you view all your roles?

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