Friday, October 14, 2011

'Catch' at Five Minute Fridays

The goal: to write from the heart, unedited for five minutes.


Catch. I hold my hands out hoping my heart will catch those grace moments in each day.

Today I caught the message that my God is all sufficient for my heart needs. Today, I caught the much needed phone call from the precious one who is no longer a daily part of my life.

Today, I caught the boy and held him close when he climbed over his chair during reading class to squeeze me and tell me how he loves me and I am the 'best'.

Has my heart caught the grace that my God gently rains down like manna? I hold out my hands and open my heart to receive--and me, the girl, who cringes when a ball is tossed at me, knowing that I. will. miss. But, not today. Today I caught each grace moment and held it close to the heart.

Catch. Catch this: The One who loves, the One who sees is raining down grace. Are you standing waiting, ready to catch the manna?


Blessings on your weekend,

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