Monday, October 31, 2011

Do You Want to Be Free?

Each year I watch for birds. I look for their nests and count their eggs. I watch them soar in the air. I watch them as they gather twigs and seeds. I listen to their song and my soul sings along with them.

It is true that I have been set free. Jesus has set me free to live fully for him. I can be like the bird let loose from her cage and soar high and free or I can be like the bird who sits and stares at the open door of her cage to scared to venture out into the great unknown.

I have been both.

My cage is fear of rejection wound round the fear of failure, because if I fail, I am rejected. This fear leads to insecurity, which leads to distrust, which in turn, builds this cage tight round about me. Jesus is the door to that cage and he has flung the door wide open and beckons me to come out and soar with him.

Some days I do.

Some days I don't.

It's the days that I stay in my cage that brings me a strange sense of comfort, the fear is what I know, but it also brings with it a sense that I have lost something very important. I have lost the freedom that Jesus provides. So I edge closer to the door of the cage and peer out, 'will he lift me up once again? Will he be there?' skitters through my heart.

I close me eyes, spread my arms wide and step out of the cage and fly.

This journey we are on--it is full of twists and turns as unique as each one of us. But one thing we all share is our heart's journey toward the Father's. At times, we get stuck in a cage, but I believe that the Lord longs for us to open our arms, take that leap of faith, and trust Him to carry us through. And it doesn't have to be a 'big' thing like taking a missions trip, or starting a new job, but it could be just the soul release to smile more or play more or trust more while going about your already full day.

God has called you to follow Him throughout your tasks as a woman, wife, mother, or teacher. Fly free in those areas. Listen for His voice calling you and follow.

To ponder:
Are you stuck in a cage?
What are the bars of your cage made of?

The Challenge:
Identify your cage--look at the open door and step out and let the One who Saves lift you up.


  1. Jessica, you have a beautiful way with words! As I read your blogs I am amazed at how you are able to verbalize those thoughts that are rolling around in my head. I especially love that you use that gift to reach others for Jesus!

    Love you dear! Brant is still looking at Dordt! We need to make a trip to see you!

  2. Thank-you for the encouragement to keep sharing these words--they roll around and around until they come tumbling out my fingers!

    We would love to see you! We could be Brant's 'home away from home'!