Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding Your Position

......continued from last week......

A place to be comes to mind when I think of position. The places where I am at are simple. I am a wife, mother, and teacher. But I think this question really is—where am I to stand spiritually?

Let's go back to 2 Chronicles. After the People heard from the Lord they bowed down and worshiped. That is a position. Bowing low. Then some of them stood and praised the Lord in a very loud voice. This is also a position. Praise and Worship. Humility. Exaltation.

Early the next morning the troops gathered to fight this battle that was not theirs. Jehoshaphat encouraged the Israelites with these words: 'Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful'. (2 Chronicles 20:20) I learn from this that God will uphold me if I have faith in Him. And I will be successful if I have faith in his prophets, which tells me to believe the Words that come from his Word.

Jehoshaphat also does something rather unusual. He appoints men to sing to the Lord and to praise Him for the splendor of his holiness at the head of the army. And they are specifically to say: 'Give thanks to the Lord, His love endures forever' So...it is 'thankfulness' that precedes the battle. Thankfulness must go ahead of my position. They were marching into battle—that was their position, but preceding their position were men appointed to give thanks.

One can speculate why this was done. One could say that it was done to offer morale to the troops, but I think it was in response to what the Lord has said to them the previous day.

One cannot stay in a physically bowed position all day and one cannot stand in one spot praising the Lord of heaven, But one can speak thanks as you go about your day. But behind their thanksgiving was the faith and belief that God would do as he said. They heard from God. They believed God. They thanked God.

Now each time I open my bible I can choose to hear God's voice and each time I hear from Him, I can choose to believe Him as well. Thanksgiving is a choice as well.

What will thanksgiving look like in my position? My position as wife, mother, and teacher? How will it be manifested in my life?

......to be continued......