Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When You Long to be Free

Freedom. It is what our country was founded on. It is what is in danger of being lost. I could get caught up in the fear of the future for our country. But I remember. I remember that my first loyalty is to Jesus Christ. My first priority is to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and body. My second priority is to love others like myself.

It is in loving Him that I am on this path of motherhood. I was asked once, 'what about all your dreams and the things you said you wanted to do?' At the time, the answer was a simple one....'this is what Christ has laid out for me to do and I will follow.' Over time and laundry, and dirt, and pigs, and messes inside our hearts and inside the four walls of home that answer has grown into something more.

I am to make disciples to send out into a society unseen. My role is greater than chief laundress, baker, chef, secretary, disciplinarian. I am a society changer. And so are you.

However, that vision can easily become clouded in the day to day grind of work and discouragement and wondering if I really am influencing these precious children for Christ. Will they grow up to love Him with all their hearts, souls, and minds? Will they be worshipers in spirit and in truth? Will they be willing to sacrifice everything for the call that the Lord places on their hearts? Will they be society changers? I can get burdened with the wonderings. I lose sight of this vision because what is before me daily is mess. My own mess. My kids' mess. And not just the mess of toys, clothes, and clutter, but the mess of sin and the battle we are in.

In this moment I remember that He holds lambs close to His heart and gently leads those who have young (Isaiah 40:11). So not only am I being lead, but He is holding my dear ones close to His heart. I also remember that I need a plan...because a wise women builds her house, but the foolish one tears hers down (Proverbs 14:1), but it cannot be my plan, it must be the Lord's. I find the plan in Proverbs 24:3-4, where I learn that my house is built on wisdom, and it is established through understanding, and it is filled with beauty through knowledge.

So, how can I be free of the daily grind? How can you? By running in the path of His commands because He has set your heart free (Psalm 119:32). So despite feeling weighted down by all the tasks that need completing and the relationships that need cultivating, we can run in the paths He has laid out because He has set our hearts free.

So when you want to be free—trust in Him and run in His commands!