Friday, June 3, 2011

Standing Still While Moving

.....the journey continues......

2 Chronicles 20:13, 'All the men of Judah, with their wives and children and little ones, stood there before the Lord.'

So. I am here. Standing. Waiting. But of course this has to be a progressive standing and waiting because I have my duties before me. Who will make breakfast? Who will teach minds and mold hearts? Who will love and serve my husband? Who will pay the bills? Who will shop for groceries? Who will.....?

Therein lies the trouble. I would love to do nothing more than but stand before the Lord and wait. But I can't stand still. I am a busy wife and mother and teacher. So this 'standing before the Lord' needs to be in the heart. How do I harness my heart's worries and cares to be still and wait? Could it be through continually throwing up my hands and crying out, I am powerless! I do not know what to do! My eyes are upon you--. And then doing the next thing that needs to be done. My physical self is meeting needs, but my inner self is standing empty and my heart's eyes are focused upon him.

As I go through my day I am keenly aware of just how fragile my mind and heart is. I am keenly aware of how insipidly the enemy has made a way into my head and heart. But I am also keenly aware of how big my God is. And how if I just wait, he will reveal himself to me.

So this is my mystery. The standing still, while moving. It is a mystery I embrace.

....more to come.....

Blessings in Christ,